Abolitionist Kit

Welcome Abolitionists!

The Abolitionist Tool Box is here so you can extend the mission of Florida Abolitionist. Here you can find tools that meet potential abolitionists and supporters at their level of commitment.

Please download, print, use, and share these tools!


Level 1 – “The Card” – low level of commitment

Click thumbnail to download “The Card” pdf”


 If you only have a brief moment, 1-3 minutes, to share with someone, or a group, about the Florida Abolitionist movement, start with “The Card” .  This tool is a simple, easy to use, business card which gives this information:

  1. How to alert authorities of suspicious activity

  2. Web address to the FloridaAbolitionist.org website

  3. Provides a teaser to engage at Tier 2 level.

If the person or group you’re sharing with is interested in getting more engaged, invite them to join you for the Tier 2 experience, “Bootcamp Handout and Video Playlist”


Tier 2 – “Bootcamp Handout and Video Playlist” – medium level of commitment

Click on thumbnail to download the “ABootcampHandout” pdf


 Click on link below to view playlist:


If you have an opportunity to give more information to an interested person or group, and they will commit 10-20 minutes,the  “Bootcamp Handout and Video Playlist” tools are a great way to share a lot of information quickly! This toolset provides:

  1. A compelling set of videos which give a portrait of Human Trafficking and ways to help.

  2. The Abolitionist Bootcamp Handout, which contains vital information for anyone interested in helping and joining forces with the the Abolitionist movement!

Share this tool box with your friends to promote awareness!

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