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Vermont: College students urge law makers to take action on human trafficking. Though the law passed last year set new penalties on sex offenders against minors, the state has not implemented a law to protect trafficking victims such as foreign women who are held against their will in brothels and other service sectors.

Minnesota: Community groups and law enforcement officials pay more attention to human trafficking in the state. They said The Twin Cities is a hub of human trafficking. A domestic minor trafficking survivor says that it has always been around in the city for decades.

Pennsylvania:  According to the report, 14000- 16000 people are annually trafficked into central Pennsylvania. Last year, the police rescued two Vietnamese women who were forced to work for 8 years at a nail salon.

Florida: Activists are fighting against human trafficking and prostitution for the upcoming Super Bowl game in Miami. A former sex trafficking victim from Nigeria speaks out based on her own experience as a prostitute and a sex trafficking victim to prevent sex trafficking during the Super Bowl game.

Maryland: The U.S. district court filed a forfeiture against the owners of Travel Inn for their human trafficking and prostitution charges held last year. The district court spokeswoman said that the owners have 35 days to file a claim to avoid forfeiture.

Texas: A Texas based bus companies face human trafficking allegations. Federal agents are conducting a dozen of bus companies to crack down smuggling and trafficking of people.

Georgia: A Mexican nationale was sentenced for sex trafficking a young Mexican woman in federal court yesterday. He was sentenced five years in federal prison and will be expelled to Mexico afterwards.


UK: The border agency arrests two more people in relation to the Armenian teenager trafficking incident. The two men from Armenia and two women from Latvia who accompanied an Armenian teenager with a Latvian passport were arrested yesterday. But the border agency further investigated and found two other Armenian men in Manchester area.


Indonesia: Experts blame high human trafficking rate in West Java on culture. West Java, according to 2008 report, is the providence with the highest human trafficking rate. They also stated that the community is not aware of human trafficking as crime, and their perception towards human trafficking is never negative.

Myanmar:  UN praises Myanmar for its anti-human trafficking effort. During the meeting held among the senior officials from six countries in Mekong region, the UN representative emphasized that the progress in combating trafficking in the region should be continued to address root causes of human trafficking.

Cambodia:  Five Cambodian fishermen escaped from a Thai fishing boat and were rescued by fishermen from East Timor. They jumped into the sea to escape after witnessing their sick crew thrown out in the sea by the Thai ship owner.

Vietnam: The country launches children’s helpline to assist children in a vulnerable situation. The helpline increased operation time from 14 hours to 18 hours and its programs to help child trafficking victims and others.

Philippines: The authorities ignore child sex trafficking issue according to Catholic report. While the problem is rampant in the country, the report states that the authorities deny that it even exists. While the advocates witnessed girls as young as 14 year old work at clubs or bars, the government health workers are rather concerned that they would transmit diseases to the customers.


Botswana: UN authorities are concerned that human trafficking will thrive in the country. Botswana currently has no legislation to prosecute human traffickers.  They also stated that there have been signs of increase in human trafficking in the country.

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