Human Trafficking Team Arrested

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“You could be a model,” Marcus told Brandy* as she walked down the street in Madison, Ill. “But I’m only 15,” she replied. “That’s fine,” Marcus answered, so Brandy got in the truck. From there the teenager was taken, along with 4 other girls, as Marcus Thompson, and his wife, Robin, changed trucks and then stole a camper to drive across the country.

That was the beginning of a thompsonnightmare for this young girl. Brandy and 4 others were forced into a a multi-state child sex trafficking ring. Thompson’s promises to make her a model were relegated to raunchy pictures taken on a bed in Orlando that were used to advertise her exploitation online.

The Thompsons were a human trafficking team. Marcus would post the advertisements online and Robin would set the dates. The couple shared the responsibility of keeping their victims in line with threats and physical abuse.

Brandy was forced to be sexually exploited by customers on a daily basis and earned about $1,000 a day for the couple. If the girls didn’t cooperate, they were beaten and the couple threatened to throw them in an alligator swamp if they attempted to escape. Brandy believed this may have previously been done to one of the girls.

In fact, Brandy told authorities that one of the girls had been injured so severely that she died in her arms.

The traffickers took the girls throughout Florida and also to Nashville, Tenn., the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, New Mexico and eventually to St. Louis. In St. Louis, Brandy ended up at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital where she was able to get help.

Judge-GavelInvestigators tracked down and arrested Marcus Dewayne Thompson, 28, and Robin Thompson, 24. Both individuals face charges of sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy relative to the allegations.

Now begins the long road of recovery for Brandy and the other girls. We pray for healing for their bodies, hearts, and souls.

For more on this story visit: here and here.


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