Sex-trafficking survivors

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Five young women trapped in the world of sex trafficking escaped and, in interviews with The Washington Times, tell how they got caught and how they got out.

Tysheena, 21, was 13 and in New York when she met at a bus stop the 27-year-old man who would become her pimp. At first they talked on the phone, and then he started buying her gifts. They began what she thought was “a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.” She started cutting classes at 14 to be with him.

Molested at 12 by a relative of her stepfather, she fought repeatedly with her mother and, after one beating, began running away. On one of those occasions, the man took her to Atlantic City and showed her the street where prostitutes worked.

“He explained to me he was a pimp,” she said, adding that he told her that working for him as a prostitute was “the only way to survive without going back to my mother.” She said she decided to do it because “he was the only person who loved me.”


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