Targeted and Recruited

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Stacie* worked hard at the fast food restaurant after school and on weekends to get some extra spending money and to save up for college. She did well in school and everything seemed to be going great for her.

A friend from school laughed when she heard how much money she was making in fast food. She told her that she knew a place where she could really make a lot. Stacie was intrigued, so she went along with her friend to see how she could work fewer hours and make more money.

StacieĀ found herself at a strip club. The owner didn’t seem to care that she was underage and hired her right away. Stacie was uncomfortable at first but reminded herself of the money she could make and went through with dancing while her parents thought she was at her other job.

At the club, Stacie became manipulated and pressured to do more to make money; however, once the prostitution began, she didn’t see a penny. A trafficking ring connected to the club took it all and started controlling her.

Thankfully, Stacie has been set free from IMG_2765this prison and is now finding help and healing. Her story is further reason why we are working so diligently to educate students about human trafficking. If Stacie had only known that traffickers are using teenagers to recruit and that stripping is a frequent entry point, she might have been able to avoid the extreme trauma that the traffickers put her through.

This month, we had the privilege of taking our Set Free Event to Timber Creek High School (image above). If you work with Middle or High School students or know someone who does, please help us bring our prevention program to local schools so that more students do not wind up like Stacie. For more information, visit our school event page.

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