The Problem

We live in a time of unprecedented injustice and chaos. There are now more slaves in the world than at any other time in history. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. Its damaging effects are impacting people of all races, backgrounds, and nationalities, including right here in America. Over the past year alone, local headlines have featured children, teens and adults from every state and social status who’ve been forced, coerced, or manipulated into becoming little more than objects of selfish desire and profitable gain. From kidnapping to parents willingly selling their children, from agricultural industries to local restaurants, Human Trafficking is aggressively taking hold of our society. In the midst of this injustice, there is hope.

As awareness, education, legislation, and law-enforcement continue to increase, we are starting to make a difference, but have a long way to go. Florida Abolitionist believes that we can, and will, end Human Trafficking in America. We have a simple and specific plan to see this take place.

First is Protection:
As a 1st responder in Central Florida we believe that those who are identified as victims of sex and labor trafficking or domestic servitude need to be protected upon rescue. This includes facilitating the correct placement for each individual survivor.

Second is Prosecution: 
We are a victim/client centered organization and believe that the personal human rights of each individual is paramount.  Our victim advocates provide support to our clients who have chosen to testify against their trafficker/handler.

Third is Prevention: 
We believe that through prevention we can educate, equip and empower students, parents and other community members to create healthy communities that are not vulnerable to the recruiting tactics of the traffickers.  This includes those who become empowered to reach out to their peers who are at risk in their community.

Fourth is Partnership:
Time, talent, resources and finances; nonprofit organizations have proven indispensable in the fight against modern-day slavery, providing training, outreach, rescue and restoration. FA has been a catalyst for developing effective coalitions and task forces and has been instrumental in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations throughout Florida and the U.S.A.

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